Making your wildest Flare Price Provider related dreams come true - probably.

FTSO Address: 0xD9200CC419BDe28B169AD8c904d2687a15A4Bf9F

About Us

We are a Price Provider for the Flare Network

The Flare network needs to know the most recent, most accurate price for the assets it supports. It's our job to provide them.

Consider delegating your SGB to our price provider, and you will earn rewards each week based on the accuracy of our data. You never have to give up your tokens - all you have to do is choose WitterFTSO as your delegator in BiFrost wallet. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Wrap some of your SGB tokens into WSGB.
  • Click on your new WSGB. Tap the three dots next to Recieve, and select Delegate
  • Follow the dialogues. Then, find WitterFTSO in the list of price providers.

That's it! Check back every Saturday to claim your rewards

Why WitterFTSO?

If you've made it here, you've probably seen many of these websites already. Here are the key points that set us apart.

Lower Fees

We only charge a 15% fee, compared to the default 20%. That means 5% extra SGB in your digital pocket every week.

Enterprise Grade Engineering

Our team has a talented, handsome, and driven engineer continuously working to improve WitterFTSO's accuracy and uptime. This ensures you are eligible for the maximum possible returns.

Great Taste

The other providers are great, but we are just generally the coolest. Please don't tell them we said that.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, but these dropdowns were my favorite part of this website template!

  • There is essentially no risk to you. You maintain custody of all of your tokens at all times. The only risk is if your provider performs poorly, your reward will be lower than it could be.

  • You can also delegate through MetaMask, but the process is a little more involved. We are developing a tool to let you delegate from MetaMask on this site, but for now, Alex Dupre has a great tool on his website. Check it out here! Use our address (0xD9200CC419BDe28B169AD8c904d2687a15A4Bf9F) if you want to delegate to WitterFTSO.

The Team


WitterFTSO Developer

You can find me on the Flare Networks Discord Channel, or shoot me an email at